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Default Re: Download the Top 100 albums spreadsheet here, then post your own top 10 here

My top 10
1. Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Beatles
Changed the way Rock was recorded and sounded

2. Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd
A little bit of something for everyone to identify with in their life

3. Beggers Banquet Rolling Stones
Starting to hit their stride..after Her Majesties Disaster

4. Cream Reunion
A blend of Blues, Jazz and hard rock by consumate muscians. The group upcoming dand tried to emulate afterwards

5. Yes Yes
A great concept album that Yes performed acoustically at the house of blues!

6. Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan

7. Imagine John Lennon
Continues his visionary music after the Beatles, Paul never caught up..

8. Live at the Filmore East Allman Brothers
British Blues rock meet the Southern man and R&B

9. Harvest Niel Young
We knew he was great with Buffalo Springfield and CS&N but really starts breaking out

10.Led Zeppelin II Led Zeppelin
Expanded British covers of blues to make it their own and launch arguable one of the greatest bands ever. maybe in the Top 5

Just my humble thoughts and showing my age...

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