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Default Re: Sunfire as a part of a consoldated AV industry....

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
You see A LOT of Sunfire with Ads. reviews. News.

The challenge for them is going to be keeping their high end status as a part of a consolodated industry. Certainly, that is my pitch to them towards the end of the year as they hopefully renew with us.

As great as Sunfire gear is (and it is GREAT especially for the money) I think their success is going to be based on marketing to their core fans while at the same time catering to dealers/installers. It is the high end who understands why you buy Sunfire over a receiver.
That's great news that you all run Ads, do reviews, and news on Sunfire products. Yes, hopefully they will renew with you.

I think you're right, their success is definitely to be based on marketing to their fans and catering to dealers/installers. And I couldn't agree more, it is the high end who understands why one would buy Sunfire separates over an all in one receiver.

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