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Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
In college, "Crazy Eddie" carried deejay equipment. The amps that impressed me the most were the Crowns, Dynaco`s, and Phase Linear. Phase Linear, way ahead of its time with the 3 - dimensional "holographic circuit in the preamp. Now Carver/ really Sunfire, known for making some of the best preamps and amps with controversial, but effective technology that worked. And well. Remember the 205 watt per channel Carver cube amp?
And also making the the AV crowd angry with a reasonable price point.

But why does it seem to me that Sunfire products do not get the same respect? You guys gave great reviews on the Sunfire. It almost seems like his competitors are jealous that Bob can create the best for less!!?
Any opinions about this?
In a way I say I have to agree with you. Sunfire products are amazing, and their amplifiers are IMO some of the absolute best anywhere. It's strange but more and more I see the Sunfire name disappearing from high end shops ads. 3-4 years ago the Sunfire name was seen listed at many hi-fi/HT stores. Now as I look through store Ads in mags like Stereophile, The Absolute Sound etc., I no longer see the Sunfire brand mentioned. Pity because it is a high caliber brand.

I own (and love) my Sunfire TGIII pre/pro and Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature amp. And I see myself hanging on to my Sunfire amp for a long time to come. The "only" reason I am changing from Sunfire to Denon (AVP-A1HD)for a pre/pro is because Sunfire, like so many other companies, doesn't have what the upcoming Denon will have.

If I knew that Sunfire was coming out with a pre/pro that offered 6 HDMI 1.3a inputs, Wi-Fi streaming, Audyssey Multi EQXT/Pro, HQV Realta Video Processing, HDCD decoding, and was THX Ultra 2 certified, I would most definitely stay with Sunfire.

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