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Default Re: What is the best rear projection HDTV currently?

Originally Posted by noteboom View Post
First, I fell in love with Samsung, then Mitsu. But Sony is what I really like now. With one caveat. The KDS-60A2020 has a much more natural color than the newest KDS-60A3000. Which has a greenish tint to everything including skin tones. I thought it was the unit, but when I went to another retailer and compared to other units it had the same problem. I don't know why the default is set that way. I didn't find the remote to see how much of it could be corrected. My guess is that it should be easy to fix. But let me know.
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Mike Levy alluded to an easy solution to the green issue on the sony. i hate to even call it an "issue". All top sets need calibration. they just do. Even if you do it yourself. As an ISF school dropout - I hire Kevin Miller.
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