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Default Apple TV: 160GB version

I just went on to find that they are now shipping a 160GB version of their lack luster AppleTV. This upsets me to no end. For starters those folks out there that bought into the first sets were treated to a 40GB hard drive which seemed a bit anemic at best and became the subject of many "hacker" articles the web over. Not even a month has passed and now Apple releases what users wanted all along, a 160GB version. What makes matters worse however, is that despite all the added space you still have the same stupid shackles placed on you as with the first gen AppleTV's. So they've given you more room to store their crappy video and audio (assuming you buy your stuff from their iTunes store). I know technology is changing but you can't tell me with a straight face that they didn't have a whole friggin warehouse of these 160GB versions just waiting while they rolled out the lightweight versions for people to complain about, only to swoop in like the company who cares with an update.The AppleTV (for which I now own 3) can be great, so long as you take the effort to make it so. But since when was that Apple's MO? I am so dissapointed in Apple lately. Don't get me started on iTunes Plus. That's BS on a stick.
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