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Default Re: What is the best HD DVD player on the market currently?

I recently purchased the Toshiba A20. There are mixed reviews on this player with most reviewers opting for the A2 or the XA2. I tried in vain to compare the three Toshiba players in the stores, however, I was able to directly compare the upscaling ability of the chips in the A20 (ABT1018), Samsung BD-P1200 (Silicon Optix Reon), and the unknown chip in the Sony S300.

I purchased a copy of Zathura (Special Edition) and played the dvd in all three players. All were connected via an identical HDMI cable into 42" LCD TVs from the same manufacturer as the player. Of the three players the A20 was performing through the least full-featured of the three sets.

Without question, the A20 did the best job of upscaling. It produced the most natural looking picture with the greatest degree of depth, clarity and texture, and the best color rendition. The BD-P1200 was a close second but lagged behind the A20 in depth of image clarity and perspective, and appeared somewhat edge enhanced. The Sony S300 image was the least compelling of the three players.

The day I was in the store, the A20 was being sold for $299.99. I also received 2 free HD discs and have 5 more free discs coming in the mail. This was a no-brainer.

I don't know it the A20 is the best player, but my experience with it is the same as Andrew Robinson's review. This is a true videophile component at a give-away price; I am more than happy with it.
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