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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Heat is a GREAT issue to bring up ESPECIALLY in AZ but even in every system. Even in my theater where I have a 4 ton HVAC unit for 890 sqft - my rack gets VERY HOT.

Enjoy the rain coming your way today. It POURED in LA last night. First time since February.
We had about 15 minutes of the drips, the heat island of Phoenix proper propels rain storms to the perimeter of the city way out, leaving the island of about 400 sq. miles quite dry. Cooled off the temp about 5-10 degrees though.

Heat is very bad for components as it severely shortens their lives. I try to take that into consideration every component, every aspect of setup. My setup has a lot of air space because of that.
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