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Default Re: Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote Control

I have to agree with you Moose, I currently have almost all of the Harmony remotes in my house including the 659,880,890, and now the 1000. I have recomended them to countless people and noone I know hasn't been able to get them to work for them. The help feature is great for the wife and kids too as it walks them through fixing any potential drop outs.

For me who swaps gear in and out of my system on at least a monthly basis, they allow me quick changes to mate with the new gear. When I first got a 659 years ago, none of the gear I had was in their list (Linn AV5103, Esoteric DV-50) not only did they get the codes for the Linn almost immediately, they got a discrete on/off which Linn themselves swear doesn't exist for that piece!

I think these are the best bang for the buck remotes going. I would love to have the likes of AMX or Creston, but can't make the leap when I get so close with these. The newer ones with RF are just so beautiful!
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