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Smile Proceed Amps - True Classics

The Krell KAV-500 began my experience in HT and multi-channel amps, and it was not an easy transition from 2-channel (ARC SP-6B, D-125 and a vinyl system that cost as much as a good compact car). However, the Krell did the job. As my HT needs expanded, read: new technology being available, in-house demos showed that much more power was needed to deliver the high audio resolution to which I had become accustomed in 2-channel era. Enter the Proceed HPA-3 for L, R and C - the KAV-500 drove the surrounds. However, something very subtle was missing. After several experiments I noticed that the illusive subtleness that I sensed missing with mixed amplification was almost there when only the Krell drove the speakers. A loaner Proceed AMP5 was installed in place of the Krell, and Eureka! The system sung in all modes, i.e. 2- and multi-channel. This is my current amplification today: HPA-3 for L, R and C, and AMP5 for surrounds. The Proceed HPA-3 and AMP5 are true classics in the most important sense: outstanding sound.
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