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Default Re: What is the last AV item you purchased online and where did you hear about it?


Sony BDP-S1, bought the day they came out and still in the reference rig, great player and pretty tolerant of HDCP issues.

Samsung BDP-1200, amazing video but causes me some HDCP problems so it's in the bedroom.

Toshiba HD-XA2 again bought the day it cam out and still the best scaling DVD player I have! Truly world class HD DVD player!

Harmony 890, Love the Harmony remotes and the RF relayer makes it work perfectly without line of sight.

I think I have had three boxes from Amazon this week, they have a deal that if you buy three high def discs (Blu-ray or HD DVD) at once then all your high def discs are 10% off, so every time I see a new one I want I buy them for what turns out to be ~$17 for Blu-rays amd $18-24 for HD DVD's. I got the wife NJational Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (a holiday classic in this house) and the uncut version of Badder Santa (another annual watch in the season!) the other day, a bunch of the concerts at Montrtreux (Alice Cooper, Yes, Deep Purple) Monty Python's Life of Brian.....

I ordered a bunch that aren't out yet like the Spiderman set and the Harry Potter collection as well!
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