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Default Re: TheMoose' top 10

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
My top 10,

1. Boston-Boston
2. Frampton comes alive- Peter Frampton
3. Brain Salad Surgery- Emerson, Lake & Palmer
4. Texas Flood- Stevie Ray Vaughn
5. Thick as a Brick- Jethro Tull
6. The Doors- The Doors
7. Are you Experienced?- Jimi Hendrix
8. IV (ZoSo)- Led Zeppelin
9. Night At The Opera- Queen
10 Paranoid- Black Sabbath

Hey moose -

I wonder how old you are?

Those are the songs of my youth, I was able to see all those except Jimi, Led Zeppelin & the Doors in concert & I was going to see Led Zeppelin in Dallas the year John Henry "Bonzo" Bonham died.

I am 48 years old but I never did actually grow up!
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