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Default Re: Why are Manufactures dragging their feet with HDMI?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I don't even buy software at BesBuy, too pricey. I only go when I need something NOW, and always get a kick out of listening to their salesteam selling misinformation to the customers. Sometimes I interject, other times I frankly laugh....
Isn`t that sadly the truth. And this kennyt, is really what upsets me the most. Now to go on and on about it, but this is exactly why, any format war or something remotely resembling that is not good now. I chuckle also kennyt at the lack of knowledge of these young people in store like Best Buy, Circuit City and the rest.

I don`t know if its lack of training, or people just don`t care, but this is where the high end community, on the other hand, could take full advantage of the knowledge and expertise that we do have. Draw people in to our wonderful world, and grow from there.
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