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Default Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?

Originally Posted by Kato View Post
Yes, it's probably a bit snobbish to say that only classical and jazz are worthy of or would benefit from hi-rez, there's plenty of rock and other stuff in the SACD / DVD-A catalog that I want to get.

In my opinion, there's one good reason why there isn't one format, it's greed. The company that collects royalties on a format that is widely accepted makes big bucks. Arguably, all the manufacturers could work together and create a world-wide standard and stop @#$$@ing around their customers, but then they would all have to settle for hitting a single instead of one of them hitting a home-run. In industries where the customers are larger and have more clout they force the manufacturers to adhere to standards, usually to the betterment of all involved, the margins get slimmer, but the market gets bigger. The AV market by its nature is too disorganized to make this happen, so we end up with multiple standards, a fractured market, and many potential customers sitting on the sidelines because they don't want another betamax doorstop. Way to go AV manufacturers.
Well Kato, we agree on a lot of fronts here. Unless you have someone like Jerry, that obviously shares our passion for music to take charge and put this together, we have seen that the current music industry is not. So, I like you, am unwilling to step out and be a first adopter.
However, as I stated earlier, maybe this new Samsung player is the answer. Even Andrew is frustrated that his Sony Blu - Ray player does not play SACD. Our racks are stacked enough already. We do not need 3 machines, all with eject buttons!!
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