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Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post

When I get one, I will pay extra for them to put my name on the front. How about that kennyt?

Do they do that???

Kind of hurts resale value some but you can always buy a new faceplate for McIntosh gear so...
I thought I read some time ago that you could do that. Or, maybe its like you say, you can specify the face plate. I must look into that. As far as the Krells bass, my friend had a pair of those great sounding NHT 3.3`s with a KSA - 100. Great bass yes, but a little over done to my hearing. But, maybe the side firing woofers, room acoustics, cables, played a part.

I like great bass, but only when its there. Most music outside of classical, the bass content rolls off at about 50Hz anyway. But that is what I hear. I like orchestration and horns. Thus, I like the whole spectrum of music reproduced without any exageration. Quincy Jones, Bob James, Bruckner, Phil Woods with strings, that type of stuff.
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