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Where do MBL amps fit into this picture? I've never heard them, but every reviewer who listens to them seems to want them for their reference. They do look beautiful in the literature.

Maybe my ears are broken, but the last time I listened to a Bryston I was put off by its shrill, brittle, and overly bright sound in the upper frequencies. Yet I continue to see glowing reviews of these amps. Have they improved considerably in the 5 years since last I heard one?

My personal favorite amp is a little 70 watter from Conrad Johnson. I've never been a big fan of horn loaded speakers until I listened to a pair hooked up to a CJ LP70S.

I suppose that a person requires 2 amps. One with real slam for concert level sound, and one with finesse for laid back listening. So, I guess I'll take the CJ with some horn speakers for my 'easy listening' side and give me Krell with a pair of B & W 800D's for that Stevie Ray concert.

My local dealer recently replaced the Krell amps used to demo the B&W's with some 400 watt Classe' mono blocks. I wish I would have had the opportunity to compare the two side by side. But I seem to remember the Krells as having bigger bass.
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