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Default Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?

Originally Posted by dwbattle View Post
What everybody tends to forget is that the players do not make a new audio or video format: the software content (albums released) makes the format. Who cares if the latest Sony Blu-Ray player supports SACD; that doesn't matter. What does matter is that SACD discs are being produced every month by a wide variety of classical and jazz labels. No other hi-res music format has near the same level of support. Neither Blu-Ray nor HD-DVD show any signs of getting any music software support. When it comes to hi-res music, SACD is the clear winner.

"But the major labels don't support SACD..." WHO CARES. The major labels all produce low-res junk that doesn't even take advantage of the capabilities of normal red-book CDs. Pop music played at high-res sounds just like it does on CD. The jazz and classical labels that do care about sound quality do support SACD. They are the only ones willing/able to truly support a hi-res music format. Jazz and classical music often does take advantage of and sound significantly better on a high-res format such as SACD. The support (or lack thereof) of the jazz and classical labels is all that matters for high-res music formats.
This sums it up nicely, for the ďmainstreamĒ music I listen to, CD or even MP3 quality is adequate, however, for the large amount of classical and jazz that I listen to, I want better resolution. Iíve been reviewing the current blu-ray players out there to see which ones support SACD/DVD-Audio, and itís tempting to buy a first-gen Sony player which supports SACD as theyíre dropping to semi-reasonable prices (~$500 CDN) however, the fact that Sony has dropped support in their second-gen player has annoyed me enough that I think Iíll just boycott Sony products from this point forward. They have a long history of dumping unprofitable formats and letting their customers twist in the wind. No blu-ray player that I can find supports both SACD or DVD-Audio, so I think Iíll go get a universal DVD player, listen to both SACD and DVD-Audio, upscale my DVDs to 1080p with the same player (Denon 1930CI) and wait for a reasonably priced second or third-gen non-Sony blu-ray/HD-DVD universal player with the latest HDMI support. If hi-rez digital audio eventually migrates to this format, then hopefully Iíll be covered. #^^%* format wars!
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