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Question Re: Home Theater Companies Making Gear For Every Room of the House

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Expect the AV companies to make more and more of a move into self-contained and HDTV oriented audio as the battle to get into your main theater remains vicious. The demand for electronics is there with the mainstream consumer. What the higher end companies are figuring out now, is that there are new ways to sell to them.

by: Jerry Del Coliiano
yeah, but where are they going to sell them? with independent retailers rapidly disappearing at an accelerated rate and Tweeter, Harvey's & Ultimate struggling to survive about all that's left (besides the Internet, of course) is Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, K-Mart and the warehouse clubs. heck, you live in what is arguably the largest A/V consumer market in the country and there's not a single multi-store retailer left in your region that's based there besides Ken Crane's. Rogersound Labs was the last and they've been gone for something like 20 years now. What this industry really needs is some new retail blood to provide consumers with a more intelligent, needs-centric option than the big-box stores.
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