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Default New Eco-Friendly Battery Made of Wood

Maryland University’s scientists recently discovered a tiny, long-lasting, eco-friendly battery with wood, tin and sodium as its raw materials. It is said that the battery can be charged hundreds of times. This time, the scientists replace lithium to sodium in order to make it environmentally friendly. The battery is make of a very thin piece of wood coated with tin. They says is “a thousand times thinner than a piece of paper.” We know from the scientists that although the lithium can be more efficient than sodium in storing energy in the field of consumer electronics, but sodium, wood and tin are more common than lithium, this makes the battery cheaper and more easy to build a battery.
Why this three materials can cooperate so well in the long-lasting battery? Said Teng Li “Pushing sodium ions through tin anodes often weaken the tin’s connection to its base material, But the wood fibers are soft enough to serve as a mechanical buffer, and thus can accommodate tin’s changes. This is the key to our long-lasting sodium-ion batteries."
University of Maryland and the National Science Foundation’s new research has found that the soft and mesoporous wood fiber substrate can be utilized as a new platform for low-cost, sodium-ion batteries.
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