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Default Re: Sharp Aquos LC37D62U

Moose - nice pick up on the Aquos!!!!

Doesn't your DirecTV box have a clock? I use the HD10250 HD Tivo and all I have to do is click guide or change a channel to see the time.

what is crazy is - the last few hotel rooms I have been in - don't have TVs with sleep timers. What a pain. And these weren't dumps. 4 and 5 star hotel.

What is even more crazy was our $2600 per night room at the Venetian for our industry party had CRAPPY CRT TVs and not HD sets. The Hard Rock has Plasmas. For $2,600, you think you are going to woo a high roller sports gambler with a 10 year old TV? Lame. People with money to waste (inject my name here I guess but it was a good party) also want a nice HDTV to watch even if it is for CNN in the morning.
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