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Angry Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?

Originally Posted by Kato View Post
What I want is high def digital audio. To put it more succinctly: Will high def digital audio eventually (or fairly quickly) move to one or both of the new high def AV formats and doom SACD and DVD-Audio?
My two cents: Everyone on this forum knows that, while Batman Begins and King Kong almost had me go HD DVD with Toshibisa, that I believe in a "universal player." I`m not willing to make this jump again. Now, maybe, and I say maybe, Samsung`s new player MAY change this, but we`ll wait and see.

But here is the deal, and I thank Andrew for pointing it out, we need a true "universal player." You have Sony Blu - Ray machines, that do not support SACD. Does that make sense?
What we need in my humble opinion is a "True Universal Player" that has 1.3a, plays ALL discs, including DVD - A and SACD with bass management, HD DVD and Blu - Ray of course, along with the best or most beneficial features of both, and upconvert standard DVD discs, and have the new Dolby True HD, DTS - HD, etc.

Then, we would really have something. Then, as Jerry said, get yourself a NetFlix account, and go to town.

Otherwise, why bother. Go get yourself a universal player, and call it a day.

But, if you are into gaming, I can not knock the PlayStation 3. A video console, Blu-Ray player and SACD, that probably is the best bargain. But of course, there will always be those movies only available on HD DVD. So...................................... ...
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