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Default Re: I figured out how to change inputs on JVC TV's more effectively

I have the JVC HD-ILA as well and this tip really helped. A lot of time saved by not having to cycle through all the inputs in order.

I gave up on the universal remote idea. Since I am the only one that uses my system it doesn't bother me. I experiement with a lot of different setups and connections, that it is quicker for me to just change what I need to manually than to spend time trying to program a universal remote.

I will admit, the Harmony 880 remote has been tempting on many occasions, but $160 just doesn't seem worth it right now. Having everything running through my Onkyo receiver makes life easy. All video and audio switching is done my receiver, making the macros of the Harmony not really useful. Especially with the extremely lengthy loading and powering times of the HD DVD player.
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