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Default will isquint, dvd ripper for mac,& dvd platinum work on a white macbook

convert dvd and blu-ray movies so that you can avi on macintosh personal computer, any suggestion dvd movie ripper for mac pc for macindustry leading dvd pulling software with regard to mac users. it can onvert dvd movies to the majority of video and audio forms dvd for you to avi, mpeg, and many can 15 away from coupon on their site. you can try . it has a dilaimer who's doesnt often work with the original avi technology. avi is around 11 or perhaps 12 several years out of date. it's still in use by avid windows xp geeks who, as you might think, are not pretty concerned with being up to date.with the siteoutputs file format mp4(m4v) and mkv video mpeg-4(ffmpeg), h.264(x264), or theora(libtheora) music aac, coreaudio aac (os times only), cd, or vorbis. ac-3 pass-through, dts pass-through (mkv solely)if you have the choice, use k.264 [[more properly referred to as h.264mpeg-4 portion 10 and also h.264mpeg-4 avc (innovative video html coding)]] format. it truly is much more powerful and of increased pixel accuracy when compared with avi. actually microsoft has finally added h.264 help in house windows media person 12 windows 7. would not remove backup protection. to the, use mactheripper. i think they use on apple pc
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