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Default Re: noob tryin to set up new home theater system

It would be helpful to know what receiver you have. I'm assuming it has more than one HDMI input and you have connected both the PC and cable box to different inputs.

Your problem could be the PC is not set for a HDTV resolution. I would start by connecting the PC to the TV directly and booting up the PC to see if you can get a picture. Most of the time during boot a PC will ask the monitor (in your case a HDTV) what resolution is best and will set up the video card accordingly. If that does not work then I would get a computer monitor attached to the PC and set the resolution to a HDTV resolution. Since your TV only has a single HDMI input, I'd assume it is an older HDTV (it would be helpful to know the brand and model #)and some of those are very picky about what signals they will accept. If you can get the PC video directly connected then you should be able to reconnect through the receiver.
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