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Thumbs up Re: Download the Top 100 albums spreadsheet here, then post your own top 10 here

Great idea - and just plain fun too. Hope the posts reflect the passion and emotion of much of the music selected as candidates.

As a quick suggestion, attached is a slightly modified version of your spreadsheet which changes the band names so one can sort by band (traditional way one would find them in a "record shop"), and optimizes the column widths/borders, so one can print out and fill in as they sit around and debate with friends.

Okay - you'll have to erase my suggested additions at the end if you choose to use this - I just couldn't help myself. Only Jackson Browne's "For Everyman" makes my true Top 10, but the others surely make my top 177!

Looking forward to everyone's posts,
Dave C

PS - Sigh, a <.xls> file cannot be uploaded. Oh well - You would've liked the revisions, I think.
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