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Default Re: Post your 100 Top Rock Album list results here

The Rules For Voting:

Performance and Songwriting are 100 point categories. While NONE of the albums are "average" clearly a 50 would represent an average performance or songwriting effort.

Sound Quality (50 points) is based on how good the record sounds with a slight bump given if the record was offered in high res or 5.1. Historically, significant recordings (think like Electric Ladyland) also should get consideration.

Production (50 points) - How well is the record produced? Its not the same thing as audio quality in that a record like ...And Justice for All sounds like poop but is produced really well.

Staying Power (50 points) - Does the record pass the test of time? Sgt. Pepper and Dark Side are still staples of classic rock radio and critics love them. Living Color Vivid or Pyromania won't likely fare as well.

Continuity-Concept (50 points) This is the category that sets this list apart from the rest. We put a high premium on the entire album's concept and overall continuity. Queen's A Night At The Opera would score well for sound, performance and production however there are only really a few good songs on it as compared to say Dark Side or Aja or Sgt. Peppers which are more consistent from start to finish.


Download a sheet and have fun with your voting.

Our list will go live 10/1/07!!!!

We can't want to see your results vs. the rest...

Jerry Del Colliano
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