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Default TX1000 Medius Review/FYI

+ Failry large remote, but not as large as 5 others held by duct tape.
+ Programming by a pro is recommended but if a computer programmer yourself, then go4it.
+ Endless ways to configure it, only limited by complete IR codes for gear that is rare.
+ It is possible to do a one hand operation, only if you were slick with macros and punch through.

+ LCD screen has plenty of light for the show and yet is gentle in complete darkness.
+ PLAY, PAUSE, REW,FWD buttons do not have the best layout/position, perhaps personal preference.

+ Adding all the time that took to get it to my liking, including testing; 5 hours.
+ Ease of programming? Reading is fundamental.
+ LCD touchscreen sensitivity is perfect for my fat clumsy fingers, not at all over sensitive.
+ Easier to use than text messaging.
+ The wife, finally "gets it".
+ Personal setup at the moment includes: 5 TV's, 3 DVD players, 2 Receivers, Lights.
+ IR range, is great. RF, phenomenal!

- Initial issues with MX Editor versions.
- Some devices present a compromise if they are from other world markets, Europe, Asia.
- No direct RF control over RF only devices.
- Scared to drop it.
- Everyone wants to play with it.
- Variable Macros not available at the time of this post.
- Support from manufacturer, almost non existent, unless you are a pro.
- Listen and Watch activity based buttons, not making me rave.


Best remote I ever had. It solved all my multi-remote issues. If I complaint, is only becaused it has already spoiled me in only 1 week!
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