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Default Re: What is the biggest problem currently in your system?

Originally Posted by seanthebrit View Post
As a systems programmer for home theater and pro-applications, I hate over-complicatited system control. Providing one remote with minimal choices is my job.

My biggest problem with my own system......I have a Zigbee remote, a Sonos remote and a Universal Aurora. I love all three systems.....but cannot consolidate the remote controls, as the three are incompatible technologies....aaaarrrrgggh! Even if I had $15,000 to throw down on an AMX system, I couldn't work around this.
I just put an end to this dilemma, I purchased and sucessfully programmed a TX1000 Medius, if you don't mind the shape, price and programming is nearly perfect. I am even trying to pursuit controlling my fans with it.
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