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Unhappy How to st up a DENON AVR?

Although I have somewhat set up properly my DENON AVR 1910 since I have bought it,a year ago or so,I still feel like a novice when using it.The main reason is Denon's owner's manual that seems to have been written by engineers,for engineers.With Denon's remote it's very easy to accidently press the wrong button and mess up the Blu-Ray's audio selection for a movie.Personally,with all the videos that are made on YOU TUBE,you would think that there would be someone with enough heart to post a video that would show us how to set up everything,step by step,from the most basic knowledge to the more complex.In other words,from taking it out of the box,making the speakers connection,starting the set up,etc.The idea is to give the beginner confidence with basic knowledge in order to be able to progress.Lately,I cannot easily succeed to get a 5.1 channel playing setting when I want to watch a movie.The setting PL II C appears whenever I put a video disc in.I have to fiddle around in order to succeed,and even then.Someone has indicated to press both surround buttons when the AVR is off in order to factory reset the 1910 AVR.Exactly what would that do.Would I have to set up everything again,inclusing Amp Assign elements.
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