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Default A way to Flatten warped LPs

You gotta check this contraption out....

Say what you want but buying vinyl is in many ways more fun than CDs but a lot of what you are buying today is OLD stuff. I can't vouch for how this works but it seems like a cool toy for the audiophile who has everthing and possibly every record!


Furutech Co., Ltd., manufacturer of analog and digital audio and video cable and accessories, debuts the ultimate LP flattener, the DFV-1.

Every vinyl enthusiast has records in their collection that they wish were a bit less warped. The DFV-1 is the one-stop, one-button solution to your problems! Using a carefully controlled heating and cooling cycle it flatten all your warped records, even those with only slight irregularities that still unsettle your cartridge causing mistracking.

Warps And Listening
Warps are detrimental in every way. If the arm/cartridge remains parallel to the LP’s surface as when playing a flat record, VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) remains unchanged during play. Additionally, as the arm/cartridge tracks a warp on its upside, greater pressure is placed on the stylus which changes VTF (Vertical Tracking Force) until the peak of the warp, whereupon the cartridge “unloads” with too little VTF on the way down the slope of the warp. This muddles the sound, changes the tonal quality, imaging and soundstage characteristics of any cartridge. A flat record tracks better with less distortion.

The DFV-1 takes up little room with its space-saving, vertical design! Improved film heating technology optimizes the entire heating and cooling cycle for a perfectly flat LP that you and your cartridge will love. Just unlock and open the DFV-1, place the LP on the spindle, close and tap a single button. An LCD keeps you informed of progress with a tone sounding when done. Right from the oven to your platter!

MSRP: $1,480.00
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