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Default Re: Krell 707 3D Processor

An important addendum!

I have now have had the 707 up and running for a month. The Man from K.R.E.L.L. did come over and fully adjusted the machines and showed me how to do many more things. Again, the only problem with the unit is the instruction booklet.

I learned how to do the automatic settings which include room size and shape, speaker amounts and placement, speaker frequencies and other little touches.
THE DIFFERENCE IN SOUND AND TONE WAS INCREDIBLE. The automatic settings proved great, especially in the matters of the sub-woofer and bass. It was a much better, fuller and real sound than my own settings. For example, I played the Empire Strikes Back’s first half with my settings and the second half with the new, automatic settings. The second half sounded much, much better, especially the bass.

It’s all a matter of perspective. It all started in the 1980s, with The Empire Strikes Back. Surround sound was new, AND two channel. Most movies then, especially the Bond pictures, had the sound placed in from the perspective of the viewer, so almost everything was in front of you. This included most off screen sounds including music. Starting with Empire, Lucas put you in the CENTER of the sound. So when Bond got into a car, you heard the car in front of you. But when Harrison Ford gets into a truck, you hear the sound as he would, all around you. And music can out of the rear speakers also. Many people, in the 1980s and 1990s had just four speakers for surround, the center being a “phantom.” This most often worked out until people began to use the THX standard. The center channel became a necessity to hear the dialogue well.

So I always but on a Bond and a Lucas movie when setting up a new surround system. If they both sound great, I know everything is OK. And they both sounded great here, but better with the auto settings.

The Krell give you three “memories” that you can use for the room, so I was able to compare MY manual settings to the machines. In addition you can make adjustments and apply them to individual devices. For example, my TV cable box requires a 4 db increase in the rear and surrounds speakers to sound just right, but I do not have to make this adjustment each time, the machine automatically does.

A final, funny thought. My friends saw, in 3D, John Carter here the other night. It was their first 3D movie and it looked and sounded great. The movie is not that good, but they were so impressed by the sight and sound that it was one of the best movies ever!

PS: Because of the change in wiring and moving this heavy 65 lb unit, it will take me some time to compare it to my two channel pre amp.
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