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Smile Re: Good Music Coming!!!

For me it was Barefoot Sounds across the street from El Camino College in Gardena. I used to go hang out while the incense burned and the turn table... well it turned. The guys there used to special order select jazz titles for me because they didn't carry much and would laugh out loud at some of my choices... like when I saved and saved and ended up buying "Beautiful Noise" by Neil Diamond. I was excited because of Robby Robertson and knew there was genius in there somewhere. I'm still looking for it, but I know it's there. Or the day they cut open the box to Frampton comes alive and I was standing right there... "It's a double album... but priced as a single?" I bought it on the strength of that alone. Who would guess that after a couple of months I would never have to put it on the TT again because the whole damn thing was on the radio... FOREVER. Being in a real record store is one of my fondest memories.
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