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Smile JVC DLA-RS66U review

I am reluctant to post on this because I am NOT someone who has testing equipment, nor do I know everything so many people have posted about so well. I can just tell you my experience. For example, I am not quite sure what the “e shift” and that shows that I am not the experienced experts most of you reading this are. (Let me know and I will check it out).

Let me explain why I replaced the JVC DLA-RS60U3D, which I was actually happy with and was a big improvement over my Marantz VP 12S3: In the last five years I have only had BAD luck with my equipment. My surround processor broke and I replaced it, but had to wait a few weeks for the model to be sent. As I was configuring my equipment, the very same day the processor arrived, my JVC DLA-RS60U3D failed! For the third time. The image faded and then the darn thing would not turn off no matter what I did. The cover would not go over the lens. We removed the HDMI wire and finally had to pull out the plug. I told my dealer that since this happened three times, I really didn’t want this unit back. (I would have taken the same model, of course, but not this unit.) He gave me almost full credit for the model (I am guessing that JVC gave him credit) and for 10% more I got the new model.

And then my Pioneer Elite Blu Ray failed. Gosh!

Anyway, Let me go through some details:
Setting Up and Ease of Use: Most of the setup and controls of the JVC 66U are exactly like the JVC 60 so it was a quick and easy process. The defaults are better here and I did not have to adjust anything, which I did in the 60.

The picture is noticeably brighter and better, by a very good margin. Contrast and blacks are greatly improved and the detail got to me. I swear that when I watching some scenes on the Blu Ray of Lawrence of Arabia it was like I was looking out of a window, not at a screen. The color, the saturation, contrast was spot on. I did adjust the picture using it’s buttons and found I like the “Natural” setting the best, better than “film” “cinema” or “video.” The on screen motion, especially when watch a Blu ray at 24 frames, was exceptional, although the older projector was pretty good too. But you saw the gains of sands, and, the actual horses feet moving in scene were they were so far away. (If you know the movie, you know what I meant.)

Simply, I can’t believe the picture will get better than this. I know it will. I turned on my Verizon cable, which only give me a 1080i picture and surprised how good some, but not all, of the movie channels were. The movies looked perfect. I still get some standard def channels and my surprise here is that looked MUCH better than on the older unit.

During the day, unless I close every door, (which I usually do) my Home Theatre image suffers a bit. But I was surprised to see how strong a picture I got with moderate/low light in the room.


I am not a real 3D person, but I wanted to see how it looked.

The machine comes with a NEW RF system of 3D, replacing the older IF system. The instruction booklet says that you can still plug in a use the old system. The new glasses are a bit smaller and are still no fun to wear. They have to be “registered” with the machine and that took some time because the instructions were not clear.

I put on Avitar and was totally and completely surprised at how good it looked, better than the movie theatre! The colors were still vibrant, not faded. The contrast was greater than the IR set, but the details in the picture were outstanding.

With the old projector and system, the 3D effect when the images were recessed, or going behind the scree were good, however the pictures coming out and off the screen were never very good. That is why I was not a fan. Here, both types of images were outstanding, just wonderful.

Conclusion: I am sure that I will see some stuff down the future I will not be happy with and, I am sure, in a few years the new units will be better. This unit gets an A from me, it’s great.
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