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Default Need a Video Card. There's Too Much to Chose From

I have a Gateway SX2800.
Intel Core2 QUAD CPU @2.33 GHz

Because this is a Slim Model PC I need a LOW PROFILE Vid Card. I used to have a ASUS 5450HD Silent. It didn't have a Fan But had a Huge heat sink. But after a year it started to overheat. I don't Game. but I'm a HUGE movie buff. So I have a lot of movies on various EXT-HDD's. Most are straight rips. DVD to HDD. some are from the Web. I need one that has a Great DAC. That will process 5.1 soundtracks flawlessly. And do Dolby True and DTS-HD Master Audio. A Great Video Processing Chip Set. I have a cheapo low profile card right now that has a fan. But doesn't do much. And doesn't have a HDMI out.

So what I want is one that:

1. HDMI Out

2. Up-Converts Incoming Signals. Like 480P to 1080i/1080P.

3. Give me the ability to Up-Convert ISO and DIVX files on my HDD to 1080P

4. Adjust the quality of the Up-Conversion and Color & Hue,etc.

5. Screen Ration adjustments

6. Audio & Video Syncing. Lip Sync feature. Auto-tracking. To watch for any problems and fix them before sending the signal to the HDMI Out.

7. Top Notch Video Scaling.

Etc,Etc. If you have any Rec. Please let me know. Thanks.

What I forgot to say. The PC is a spare. And is gonna be used as a Media Server. It will sit behind my Home Theater set-up. I will control it with my iPad (newest vers) and 2XClient RDP/Remote Desktop App. Or, a Wireless LAN set-up with my Ultrabook(Toshiba Portege) from the couch. Whichever works best.

It would mainly be used for Storing Movies and Music. And access the Webz for Live Streaming,etc. It's first use would be to send film to my TV via my A/V receiver. And Music through the receiver also. I would like to control the PC from my Laptop. My Laptop would not be hardwired into the network.The PC would sit behind the A/V Stand. Out of the way sight wise. But accessible if need be.

Since the Movies and Music will be stored on HDD's in the PC/Server. I want a good Vid Card. To Interlace,Upconvert,Process the Audio,etc. And let me have a Number of Custom options. As I am a Video/Audiophile. For the HDMI input on my receiver that will be connected to the Vid Card HDMI Output. I will be setting the Receivers HDMI input to "Native Signal". So the Receiver will do no Audio/Video processing on the incoming signal.

The Media Players I use are VLC and MPC-HC. I want all processing done at the PC level. My Media Players will be set to "Default". As I find their A/V Software not as good as I'd like it to be. That's why I want all A/V processing to be done on the Vid Card. Their A/V Software is just gonna be better.

And I do prefer a Low Profile card with a Fan. I have seen some. But with sooo many cards out there,Which one will be best for me? That's why I'm posting.

Thanks for reading.

My Set-Up: TV - Sharp Aquos LC-60LE847U
Receiver - Pioneer Elite VSX-53
Speakers - Martin Logan Motion 40's L/C/R. And matching Motion
Series Surrounds and Sub
Blu-Ray - Oppo BDP-95
Xbox 360S (250 GB HDD)
Modem - Motorola SB6121
Router - Linksys BEFSR41 (works for me)
Wi-Fi - Belkin N600DB (works for me)
Cable Box from Xfinity (Seattle)
HDMI Connections
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