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Default Re: Ayre DX-5 at $10,000 is a rebadged $500 OPPO.

Originally Posted by Elihu View Post

Have you seen the players and played them side by side on the same system? IF you have not then you are stupid for your responses. People like you mislead alot of people and are ignorant on every level. Why don't you shut up and actually go see for yourself instead of being jealous to the point of having to downplay things so you don't feel bad for not owning them?

Honestly, what do you think about my reply???...I write because I have no idea and I have never made a blind test class “A” devices on the same system and a different too???...or...because I never compare side by side krells, ayres, oppos, esoterics, etc., etc.??? ... Yes buddy, I have "seen" both players side by side, but definitely important to me, is listening the players without seeing them. Simply is my point of view…or rather, " listening"... Hey!, don´t forget to buy the two thousand bucks meter/cable….. PS: Ignorance has a solution, not yet stupidity…..

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