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Default Hello there!

Hello everyone,

Earlier today I was searching for some Final Fantasy music videos on youtube, to listen to at work, and I came by one of Kyle's for the first time. It's really amazing. I will be listening to them for a very long time. smile

So about me, I am a Computer Animator (or one in the making =/) and fortunately I work at an Animation Studio. I haven't played Piano for a long time, but a few years ago I started playing castanets and so far it's not going bad. I'm joining this forum because it looks great, and also because working in Animation it is essential to be in touch with musicians big_smile

And my first question here is: can I ask for a musician's assistance through this forum? Perhaps not in this particular section? What I need is help with the music of my master's short film. I did "something" by attaching tunes from Final Fantasy VII, but it doesn't work. It just allowed me present it to the University but I think something better could help a lot.

Thank you all!
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