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Default Re: Ayre DX-5 at $10,000 is a rebadged $500 OPPO.

I know this is an old thread and it is probably pointless to respond but these are the kind of posts that rob most people from the enjoyment of owning an Ayre DX-5.

I was in the market for a new Blu Ray player that could be used in a 2 channel setup. I looked at many of them. The Theta player, the Marantz 9004, Denon player and of course the Oppo player. I actually purchased an Oppo bdp-105 and came across a good deal on an Ayre player and bought it. I actually had both of them at the same time and spent 2-3 days testing the video and audio between the players.

The point is retarded threads like this and people's comments that have not seen players drive me nuts. I have not responded to any forum post before on this forum, on audiogon's forum, on avsforum or any other forum but this one and things like this have just reached a point where it ****ed me off, thus causing me to react by responding.

From what alot of people said on this forum I almost didn't purchase the Ayre. The main reason I did is because of the few reviewers that have sung the praises of Ayre over the years that I trust for the audio side but I was still skeptical on the video side because of the comments of people on forums such as this.

If people care about the specifics please feel free to respond with questions but after viewing the Ayre DX-5 compared to the OPPO BDP-105 it is so easy to say that the Ayre kicks its butt all over the place with audio and video. If anyone can actually compare the players themselves and they don't see and hear the differences then they don't belong in high end. They should question their ears and eyes and stay in the low end or buy mid-fi for the quality upgrades and not the video and audio upgrades because they obviously don't get it.

Also, any person that says the Ayre is a rebadged OPPO then you are obviously stupid. I know calling people names gets you flamed on forums but fact is fact. If you don't like being called stupid then fine...I will then relegate you to just ignorant.

One more thing needs to be said. The fact that the Absolute Sound avoids Ayre because they won't send them a demo or they won't report because of a tussle over an accusation of theft (that still seemed a valid accusation on Ayre's part) then it shows how partial and biased they are. It saddens me that Ayre products are not reviewed because of this because I personally prefer the formatting, layout, and writers at the Absolute Sound vs. Stereophile. I like the technical expertise of writers and Stereophile and the writing style of their journalists but the magazine is just awful to read for flow.

Either way, partiality is so evident is this small niche of an industry and the fact the Absolute Sounds leaves out such a great product as the Ayre truly does a disservice to the audiophile that only subscribes to the Absolute Sound. They are missing out on being exposed to such a great player. Put your differences aside, make up and stop excluding items that should be in your magazine. Even if Ayre is wrong a magazine should be the bigger man because you are to report the facts for your readers, not your personal vendettas.

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