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Default 5.1 setup with 2 zone A/V Receiver and Projector

I would like to ask you for help with my new setup. I am moving to different apartment that will be renovated before that... There will be also lowered ceiling in the kitchen which means, I can hide the wiring into walls etc... I want to do things right for the first time :-)

I want to buy AV Receiver with 5.1 speaker system and projector. My basic idea is that for watching TV, I will use "Zone 2" on the AV Receiver with two cheap speakers. For movies, I would use projector screening on the big white wall (bottom of the picture) and the 5.1 setup. That would mean to rotate sofa, but it is not heavy so I donīt see it as a big deal.

The reason why I donīt want to put projecting screen in front of the TV is that I want to project on the wall also artworks or kind of landscapes to create illusion of bigger space. I am enclosing visualization together with dimensions of the room.

I have few questions for you guys and I hope you can help me.
1.) Will proposed setup work, or do you have better ideas?

2.) I want to spend max. $3000 on the whole thing. If I can save some money, even better :-)
What kind of AV Receiver, 5.1 speakers (+2 cheap) would you recommend to me? There must be an option to switch of "Zone 1 (5.1)" and use just "Zone 2" for TV. I will be buying Apple TV, so streaming music from iPhone is not needed. Remote App. for iPhone would be nice :-)

3.) What kind of Projector would you recommend? I donīt need 3D, optical zoom would be nice.

I prefer local stores in NYC like B&H, J&R, Best Buy... but on-line deals are also OK :-)

Thank you in advance for your kind help! I am new in this and I really want to do things right.
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