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Default Re: What's up with Texting?

Hey Jerry, it's a Titleist 905 something, with 9.5 degree loft. Bought it used from a bin of used clubs for 125. It's in great shape though -- sorry to hear of your club championship trevails. Will tell you all of my golfing anecdotes forthwith, or at least some enough.

Re: my account. Yeah, stoopid to use my e-mail as my username; but I plodded through all the options in the 'manage account' section and I can't see how to change it -- can change PASSWORD and e-mail, but not username. Please advise. Could, I suppose, DELETE my account and reregister ...

also, as this is an 'off topic' posts thread, and as this is now 'off' the 'off topic', but still not about AV equipment, I think we've conclusively proved that the precepts of mathematics and formal logic do not apply to discussions here, i.e., negative times negative NOT equalling a positive.


PS. I was the first one to identify 'jitter' -- Bob Carver be damned.
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