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Cool Re: Playstation 3 Review

The PS3 is the new star of my home theatre!
Games in HD like Gran turismo HD (free download) & Formula 1 Championship edition are just great, very immersive on a 70"XBR2!

I would have sat out the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD war if not for the PS3, it was hundreds of $$$ cheaper than the standalone first gen players & I was going to get it for the games anyway.
A good Blu-Ray movie really shows you what HD is all about!
I've quit buying DVD's & will only buy Blu-Rays from now on, the picture quality is awsome!

I also use the memory card slots, I watch videos & pictures I've shot on my big screen, it's much better than looking at them on a 3x5 piece of paper!

And with the continuing upgrades the PS3 just keeps getting better.
With the latest v1.8 it now upconverts DVD's to 1080p as well as PS1 & PS2 games & streams pictures & videos wirelessly from my computer.

I can only see the PS3 getting better down the road, once the developers learn to use the full power of the cell processors the graphics wil go from great to truly amazing!

I can hardly wait for Gran Turismo 5 to be released!

Also with the lawsuit setteled between Sony & Imersion rumble is back!

$599 was expensive for a game console, but when you consider it is also a first rate Blu-Ray player & streams pics & vids from my computer & no telling what the updates will unleash in the future, this may be the biggest bargain in my home theatre!

I just recieved an invitation to the Playstation Home Beta, I'm looking forward to exploring that enviroment to see if it'll be the killer app everyone thinks it will be.

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