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Default 720p vs. 1080p

Originally Posted by Big-Brian33 View Post
I gotta say, looking at the NFL these past coupe weeks. I've seen 720p looking every bit as good as 1080p. It really lost me since I thought it would be a major drop off but the view has been just as crisp and clear when watching the football games on CBS and FOX.

But I'm thinkin in my step by step to near perfect views of movies etc. I'm gonna have to grab the Toshiba HD HD-A2 while it's cheap and hope to grab a PSIII sometime before the end of the year. I don't wanna get burnt in the format war and trow money away either. And since it's no real dual format player that gets good marks ( I've seen mixed stuff about the LG player) it's all you can do.
Maybe it is your display.

For me 720p looks good but "soft" compared to 1080p. The ABC coverage of USC's trouncing of then once 14th ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers was a perfect example.

Monday Night football looked better to me however. I wonder how much cameras versus compression factors in.
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