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Cool Re: Sony KDS-R70XBR2 70-inch SXRD HDTV

Nice review.
However there was a mistake.
You said,
"Having no shortage of inputs or outputs, the Sony KDS-R70XBR2 sports two HDMI inputs, which accept and display the full gamut of digital sources, including true 1080p, which is the state of the art in high-definition sources, such as HD DVD or Sony’s preferred Blu-ray formats. "

There is actually 3 HDMI inputs, 2 in the back & 1 in the front under the flip panel along with a Component input.

I bought this set in October of 2006, it replaced a KDS-R50XBR1 that is now at my parents house.
The XBR1 was widely praised as the best HDTV of 2006 winning numerous editors choice & product of the year awards, I can say that no other HDTV I saw matched what the XBR1 could do with a good HD source.
But I wanted a bigger screen.

So the 70" XBR2 had some big shoes to fill!
Lets start by saying big is an understatement!! I intended to buy the 60"XBR2 but the store had the 60" & 70" side by side in the show room & I thought "the 70" isn't that much bigger I'll just get it"
Well when I got it home & put it on the stand where the 50" had been I stood back & said "What a monster!!"
I almost returned it right then for the 60", man am I glad I didn't!!

I removed the speakers right away, that made it approx the same width as the 60" whos speakers can not be removed.
I haven't listened to the speakers in the TV for many years any way & without the speakers it was a much better fit.

Here is a pic of the 50" & 70", look at the shelves in the background to see how much bigger this monster is!

There was something I noticed right away that I didn't like, the 3rd HDMI input on the front is where the memory stick reader was on the 50" & I used that a lot.
Fortunatly my Playstation 3 has a card reader in it so I can still watch pics & vids on the TV.

Speaking of the PS3 it has a big wow factor on this set, games like GTHD & Formula 1 Championship edition are very immersive on a screen this size at 12' & Blu-Ray movies just rock!!
The HD signal from the DirecTV HR20 HD+DVR is very good also, from Planet Earth on Discovery HD to sporting events like The Masters & NHRA drag
racing on ESPN2 HD.

Over all I really like this set, it may have a picture just a tad bit softer than the 50" XBR1 but it is 20" larger.
I am considering an ISF calibration after I get a new reciever & having the video & audio done at the same time, that should bring out all the XBR2 can give.

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