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Default Re: Brown outs in your area...

Personally I use Richard Gray products for all of my systems, and they do the trick for me, but like the old saying goes, "garbage in, garbage out." What goes into the home is as big a factor as what you use to "clean" it. I can't really speak to indepth as my issues start at the wall. Assuming you have good quality power all the time then Richard Gray is as good as it gets IMHO. I don't have a lot of experience with PS Audio. I've used Monster products in the past and have been happy with them (happy with the price too) but for reference gear or something similar I trust Richard. Although I do hear the APS stuff is quite good. I believe Jerry uses a combo of Gray and APS in his reference system. I know Southard likes Transparent Cable's latest power conditioner too. Just food for thought.

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