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Question Re: Narrow Bezel 37" LCD

Originally Posted by markjason View Post
One of the early leaders in LED TVís so far has been Samsung with several LED models available. LED HDTV prices are still a little steep but dropping quickly. If youíre in the market for a new HDTV, you should definitely check out the latest LED TV reviews before dropping a few thousand dollars.
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Originally Posted by okidoqui View Post
In fact, Samsung is one of the leading brand in TV, especially smart and LED TV. Samsung LED TV are very popular in all over the world, because of the features it offers like best quality picture and sound.
I don't know why the above persons had responded to this post titled ' Narrow Bezel 37" LCD'. Neither of them addressed the TV size in their response, go figure. As it is, Panasonic manufactured a 37" LCD HDTV that has a 34.4" (87.4cm) width which will accommodate my bedroom armoire (34.5" internal width). It's the model TC-L37DT30, see: As far as I know it is not made anymore. It was little pricey, because it's 3D and Internet ready, but if it fits then that's what counts. Both LG and Samsung don't have anything close to 34.4" (wide) dimension for a 37" TV.
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