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Default Square Room 5.1 Setup

Howdy all,

I need some assistance setting up my theater room. It is square which I've heard really sucks for a theater room. Oh well, it's what I have to deal with. It is 15X15 with 8 foot ceilings. I will be placing the TV centered on one of the walls and installing the speakers in the ceiling. I was thinking of using Proficient C870s for the front 3 being they can be angled and straight down speakers in the back. I will have a sub in the front right corner of the room which are both exterior walls. My seating will be a sectional, it will be all the way against the back wall.

I'm told to keep the speakers 2-3 feet away from the walls which will in essence put the rears almost on top of the seating or maybe a little in front.

I've heard the Bose 791 but my pockets aren't that deep. Any speaker suggestions would be great.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I haven't a clue!!!

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