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Default Universal Bluetooth Trigger for Smarpthones

Hi guys,

I've started an interesting project for home automation based on tiny and cheap (thumb-sized) Bluetooth modules able to trigger almost any electric equipment (up to 2.5kW). My idea is to have lots of small and cheap modules that appear on the screen of a smartphone when they get in range and disappear afterwards. Once available on the screen, those modules can trigger almost anything by just sliding a switch on the smartphone's touchscreen. The main virtues of those devices are small size, low cost and easy setup. Those modules have 4 types of triggering its relay (on/off, trigger, toggle, pulse toggle), and dry contact input for feedback of triggered equipment.

I would use them for arming/disarming house alarms, car alarms and immobilizers, opening garage doors or turning lights.

I'm almost there, the manufacturing facility will deliver the first batch in a month or so, my Android application is ready, I just have to activate it on the Google Play. But I need some help Help with an advice, help with support for the project, help with testing, or anything that would give me a notion if I am heading in the right direction or not. I am qurious of whether my device would be useful to people all over the world.

What do you think? Is this project worth supporting?

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