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Default Re: how to connect Reciver,Sound bar and TV

The problem is probably due to the surround system stripping the audio from the HDMI going to the TV. Additionally, to get any signal to the TV will require the surround system to be turned on. What I have done is used a monoprice HDMI matrix switcher that has 4 inputs and two outputs. A matrix switcher will allow any of the four inputs to be switched to the two outputs independently. That would allow one output feed the HDTV and the other to feed the surround receiver. Since the switch will not strip the audio to the TV you can connect the sound bar to the optical or analog output of the TV as Sony recommends. You could attach both the satellite receiver and the PS3 to the HDMI inputs of the switch. The monoprice switches have a IR remote, so if you are using a home theater remote like a Harmony, it can be programmed to switch both outputs for selection.

Alternately, you could get a couple of HDMI splitters and put one on the satellite receiver and the other on the PS3. That would allow you to attach to separate inputs on the HDTV and the surround system.

Set up either way you would have the benefit of not having to have the surround system turned on to just watch TV with the sound bar.

Without adding additional equipment, I don't think you will be able to do what you want.

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