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Default Re: What is better HDMI, component or DVI?

I know a lot of people have been having problems with HDMI but I'm not one of them!
I have HDMI cables going from my HD-DVR, Playstation 3 & DVD player going to the Denon AVR3808CI & from there 1 HDMI going to the 70" Sony XBR2, so far it's working perfectly & setup was a snap.
It's the only way to get the lossless audio & the fact the audio & video are in one cable really helps clean up the snakes nest behind my rack!

Of course all my cables are 1 & 2 meters, I may be singing a different tune if I had to run the cables 50' from another room!

There was an interesting story from the home theater cruise with several manufactures & installers in the latest Widescreen review, it seems professional installers are running HDMI in the walls of their installs but also are running component & not using the HDMI yet because of all the problems, but they are there for future use.
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