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Default Report from my club championship...


What's up homie! Glad to see you on the forum.

Dude, you NEED to change your username away from your email as you might get spammed all over the place.

I played my club championship this weekend. First hole smoked a 300 yard drive and proceede to shank a ball OB dead left for a 3 putt triple. Next hole got my drive in the fairway and its in a divot. 181 all carry over OB. Made the shot and on the green for a 2 putt par.

Shot 79 first day for a net 71 (yes my handicap is higher, thank you very much) leaving me 1 off the lead in the first flight and amazingly 4 off the lead in the champ flight (which I wasn't in).

Next day on the first hole I plugged a ball in the front face of a trap on the first hole. Our greens keeper got fired because of the course conditions for this event after 22 years on the job - and YES its that bad. I made a 7. On the 5th hole I went long and saw my ball down the newly paved cart path. Calaway HX56 with aqua sharpie marks poised RIGHT on a root. I smack the thing and it goes nowhere. I hit the next shot on the green and put up to the hole to realize this wasn't my ball despite being the correct brand and the SAME markings. I found my ball and played out for an 8 (with 2 stroke penalty).

In the end I was 10 over for the day on 5 par fives. I could do better than that right handed. Factor in this with the triple from the day before and its easy to see how I could go from 5th to 1st.

Nevertheless, it was the good 9 iron I hit after the wrong ball debacle that I liked best. Kept in the present and made a free swing. Very Dr. Bob - who I am going to see in October in VA.

What kind of driver did you get?
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