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Default Re: What's up with Texting?

I've lived in the UK for more than a decade now, and in the UK, almost everyone texts, not phones (to avoid the dreaded 'I'm on a train' shouting sessions) -- though it is mostly the younger generation, not the older. Lots of people ONLY text, and will not communicate by phone (an ex- of mine, for instance ... she had other oddities, too, but I'll leave it at that). With texts you can answer them discreetly, and most importantly, you can ALWAYS make out what they're saying (unlike a mobile picked up on a train, etc.), plus they can be saved as long as necessary. Moreover, there's a sort of forced terseness to it, which many like. And they're legible too, by and large, as with predictive text, few use the stereotyped text speak you see on media representations of the 'form'.

When I come back to the US, I look around and say, 'what are all these people TALKING on their cell phones for' ... so it's not only generational, it's geographic.

PS. And, Jerry, sorry to hear about your dad and stepmom, but glad they're OK -- got a new driver today, by the way. First one in ten years. Better golf through superior technology, your motto if I recall.
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