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Default Re: Price vs. Performance


One of my all time favorite cars is actually the Superformance GT40 MKII which not unlike yours is a hand built endevor. I was excited to see Ford remake the GT40 however upon close inspection I didn't like how soft it got around the edges. I totally agree with you about performance for the dollar. Sometime in the near future I'd like to own a RCR GT40 with a Roush small block which would smoke everything on the road today and can be had for roughly $45K if you know where to look. Plus if it ever breaks down you can find all the parts you need at a pep-boys.

Funny isn't it how Paradigm is seemingly everyone's first foray into high end. The same thing happened to me when I was in my teens. I scratched together a grand or so and was told to shop at a garage sale. One dealer set me on the path to salvation though and hooked me up with NAD seperates mated with a pair of first generation Monitor 7's. To this day it's one of my favorite systems I've ever owned. More money doesn't always equal more performance as I'm sure you know. Sometimes it just means more money.

Enjoy race day. It's a good looking car.

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